leatherwork leatherwork


  • (n) work made of leather


  1. These days, in alleys off the charming gardens and courtyards, you can buy leatherwork and jewelry.
  2. Many are poor, unskilled laborers or craftsmen in specialized tradesrugmaking, jewelry, leatherworkthat have little need for their services.
  3. Knitting, leatherwork and fancy needlework are all in vogue.


  • Boston Mills Artfest draws fans for the 42nd year in nationally recognized fine art show

    The art exhibits ranged from pottery, photography, leatherwork, kaleidoscopes and contemporary, fine-art jewelry. Wearable and nonwearable fiber and leather, as well as furniture, also were on display. Some were as interesting and detailed as Strongsville artist Mike Guyot's artwork and the glass work of 24-year-old Cleveland artist Robert Cody. Others were as different as Jennifer Hamilton of ...
    on July 1, 2013     Source: The Sun Press

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