leakproof leakproof


  • (adj) not subject to leaks


  1. He invented a leakproof gasoline tank similar to that now used in combat planes.
  2. SIGG's beverage bottles for kids are durable, leakproof and spillproof and won't give water a weird taste.
  3. One reason for the feverish running-mate speculation is that those who actually know anything are a small, leakproof circle.


  • Border security is the new idea

    Border security is this week’s life-and-death issue, crucial to progress on reforming our hideously dysfunctional immigration system. They insist a leakproof, impassable, impenetrable border is a must for national security and economic stability, an urgent priority demanding billions more, on top of billions already spent. Historically, this is a newfound interest. In the early years of the last ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Wenatchee World

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