laziness laziness  /ˈleɪ zi nəs/


  1. (n) inactivity resulting from a dislike of work
  2. (n) relaxed and easy activity
  3. (n) apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue (personified as one of the deadly sins)



  1. It will be his intellectual laziness, at home and abroad.
  2. The other thing I am trying to do back to the laziness aspect convenience is the real killer.
  3. But you can't fault Burns for laziness.


  1. Jim Gaffigan tour making stop at Carmel bookstore Thursday

    Funny man Jim Gaffigan, best known for his observations on food (Hot Pockets) and laziness, is accustomed to the rigors of stand-up comedy tours.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Indianapolis Star

  2. Thomas Friedman's Still Writing About His Daughter's College Roommate

    Last week, mustache-stroking corporatist sloganeer Thomas Friedman used his immensely valuable column space in the New York Times to write a love letter to a company run by his daughter's college roommate. Could Thomas Friedman possibly top that for sheer laziness and nepotistic indulgence? But of course. Read more...        
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Gawker

  3. Digital Media Training's CEO, Steve Bookbinder, Releases New Book, LEVERAGE YOUR LAZINESS: How to do what you love ...

    What power, if any, does laziness hold? Steve Bookbinder, CEO & co-founder of Digital Media Training, addresses this question and more in the release, Leverage Your Laziness: How to do what you love, ALL THE TIME! (PRWeb June 06, 2013) Read the full story at
    on June 6, 2013     Source: PRWeb


  1. "It's the attraction of being still in touch with interesting and new things without having to make the effort to research them all the time," said Gabriel, laughingly pointing out the "inherent laziness in my nature."
    on Jun 2, 2008 By: Peter Gabriel Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "I always help myself to bits and pieces of my own life, if only out of laziness," Shriver said. "I've been looking at this green marble coffee table for years. I thought it was owed some kind of homage."
    on Mar 20, 2007 By: Lionel Shriver Source: Vancouver Sun (subscription)

  3. "Bribery, thievery, mental and spiritual laziness, drunkenness are sins insulting our traditions," Medvedev wrote in the article published on the liberal news website in September.
    on Nov 11, 2009 By: Dmitry Medvedev Source: AFP

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