lay-by lay-by


  • (n) designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily


  • The next is a gate in an isolated grassy lay-by, where soft jazz pipes from the trees.


  • Bus Lane Woman 'I Could Have Died'

    A Londonderry woman, who was captured on camera being left in a bus lay-by by two police officers while incapacitated, has called for the officers to be sacked.        
    on March 20, 2014     Source:


  • Lib Dem party president Simon Hughes said: "The Tories have not just been overtaken, they have been left in the lay-by and overtaken by UKIP. It is the only time the Tories have gone from second to fourth since the Tory Party was formed."
    on Oct 1, 2004 By: Simon Hughes Source: BBC News

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