ladies-in-waiting ladies-in-waiting


  • (n) a lady appointed to attend to a queen or princess


  1. At exactly 11:03, when all the guests would be seated in the Abbey, Queen Mary was scheduled to take off from Marlborough House accompanied by her ladies-in-waiting in two motorcars.
  2. Beatrice d'Este Sforza, pregnant and angered at her husband's open infidelity with one of her own ladies-in-waiting, reacted drastically.
  3. The King shook hands all 'round, and the Queen, who carried a bouquet of white roses, smiled bravely as she comforted her weeping ladies-in-waiting.



  • Quarshie said, "I was sitting next to one of the ladies-in-waiting, who uttered the immortal words: 'The food always tastes terrible when it's on a gold plate.' And, when the pipers trooped in, I heard this groan: 'Oh no! Here come the bloody...
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