kimono kimono  /kə ˈmoʊ nə/


  • (n) a loose robe; imitated from robes originally worn by Japanese


  1. In a time of ready-to-wear, mass-produced clothes, the kimono of old Japan seems a fabled anachronism, like phoenix feathers.
  2. In Japan the kimono - a garment that has had a profound influence on Western couture - is now worn only on formal occasions.
  3. Fashion designers are updating the kimono, while centuries-old sake distillers are proving that the rice-based spirit can be just as complex as a good Bordeaux.


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  1. Jackson, on her first promotional tour in Japan in two years, said,"I miss dancing, so I wanted it to be a dance album.She appeared at a packed news conference in a bright red kimono."
    on Oct 23, 2006 By: Janet Jackson Source: FOXNews

  2. "I think we can open the kimono a little bit without talking about the computer science behind it. What they are basically doing is looking for structures on the web that seem to imply facts. Like something 'is' something. Different tables,...
    on May 12, 2009 By: Marissa Mayer Source: BBC News

  3. "I think the silhouette of the kimono costume will become engraved in people's minds," Atwood says. "I do think there'll be lots of red accents in the near future. For me personally, I can't see myself flaunting around in a geisha uniform but...
    on Dec 20, 2005 By: Colleen Atwood Source: Dominican Today

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