khamsin khamsin


  • (n) an oppressively hot southerly wind from the Sahara that blows across Egypt in the spring


  1. Moving up out of the desert each spring and fall, the khamsin is an ill wind that blows no one in the Middle East any good.
  2. While the khamsin was blowing itself out, the British discussed rumors that Marshal Rommel had been recalled, possibly to command an army on the Eastern Front.
  3. The khamsin is a baleful wind that flares out of the deserts, drying out the land and the people until the flesh fairly crackles.

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  • "I remember the year I won on Wayward Lad taking great pleasure in the success because the runner-up, Fifty Dollars More, was a horse I'd been jocked off from Fred Winter's yard, because he was owned by Sheikh Ali Abu Khamsin who retained Richard...
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