kapok kapok


  1. (n) a plant fiber from the kapok tree; used for stuffing and insulation
  2. (n) massive tropical tree with deep ridges on its massive trunk and bearing large pods of seeds covered with silky floss; source of the silky kapok fiber


  1. The pesky milkweed, cursed by farmers, has found a use-as a substitute for kapok.
  2. Railroads had to pack this precious freight in dry ice and kapok blankets instead of the usual wet salt and ice.
  3. So close to him that his back touched them as he worked were piled kapok life preservers, wrapped in tar paper and burlap.


  • Cute, cute, cute: Amesbury 2nd-graders 'play' in the rainforests

    Amesbury Elementary School transformed itself into "A Night in the Rainforest" when 2nd-graders presented two plays back-to-back – the fact-filled "The Great Kapok Tree" and the musical "A Rumpus in the Rainforest."
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Amesbury News

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