juiciest juiciest  /ˈdʒu si əst/


  1. (adj) full of juice
  2. (adj) having strong sexual appeal
  3. (adj) lucrative
  4. (adj) suggestive of sexual impropriety


Derived Word(s)


  1. That discovery last month made the Suitcase Murder one of Taiwan's juiciest crime stories, and it's only gotten raunchier since.
  2. One of the juiciest subplots in Seize the Hour involves the efforts of Nixon and Kissinger to keep Secretary of State William Rogers out of the loop.
  3. Then, on her first day in office, Arroyo gave some of the juiciest government jobs to military men.


  • PEDs are OK. Plato and Kant said so.

    This story in The Atlantic may be the biggest, juiciest bit of Craig-bait ever composed. I want to take this story out for long walks and tell it all of my deepest secrets and have it love me for me. I want to make a serious commitment to this story and show it I’m not…
    on June 24, 2013     Source: NBC Sports: HardballTalk


  1. "It's the juiciest stuff with Alex," Underwood said of his character's intensifying story arc over the coming weeks.
    on Feb 25, 2008 By: Blair Underwood Source: Seattle Times

  2. The family lived in Limerick -- in "one of the juiciest slums this side of Bombay," McCourt wrote -- where their small, dank home was next to a smelly, rat-infested privy shared by the other families on the block.
    on Jul 19, 2009 By: Frank McCourt Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. "The major danger of Iran becoming a nuclear power, the material they would have to amass to make these bombs will become the juiciest target in the world for non-state actors who would like to have suitcase nuclear bombs," Clinton said....
    on Jun 28, 2010 By: Bill Clinton Source: Fromtheold

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