journeyer journeyer


  • (n) a traveler going on a trip


  1. Sooner or later a professional journeyer meets boring people in tedious circumstances.
  2. Around the world in half an hour with Seattle Schoolteacher Billy-Marie Gannon, who won the trip in a contest pronouncing her boldest journeyer of them all.
  3. The foresighted journeyer will have made an appointment to use his car's shower next morning, and the porter will knock at the proper time with a bathrobe.


  • "Kristin comes from the south [South Carolina] and a kind of a traditional place in the same way that Charlotte comes from a traditional place," Nixon says. "But I think that Kristin is such a global thinker, journeyer and a darer in a way...
    on May 20, 2010 By: Richard Nixon Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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