jotting jotting


  1. (n) a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note
  2. (n) a slight but appreciable amount
  3. (v) write briefly or hurriedly; write a short note of
  4. (n) a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note


Derived Word(s)


  1. Even that was hit-or-miss--people often ripped down the paper postings instead of jotting down the addresses.
  2. A new study shows that dieters can double their weight loss by jotting down what foods they eat.


  • Why I'll miss skeuomorphism in iOS

    One of the first things I loved about my first iPad—a first-generation model bought about six months after the product launched in 2010—was the native Notes application. Silly? Sure: Even now the app is limited, providing basically a plain text file that’s mostly useful for making a grocery list or jotting down quick ideas. But I thought it was beautiful. Why? Because Notes was more than ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Macworld


  1. "I've already started jotting down notes, writing down thoughts," Thompson said, "figuring out how we can get back."
    on Apr 11, 2007 By: John Thompson III Source:

  2. "When I got older I started to realize how important my notebook was to my daily life, just jotting ideas down. I realized it can be easier to illustrate things sometimes graphically rather than verbally. Then I got some pretty good feedback on...
    on Feb 2, 2010 By: Demetri Martin Source:

  3. "I had known 'Wak' in Arizona," Showalter said in a telephone interview. "So when I got the job in Texas, I wanted him to be on my staff. I remembered him carrying around a little notebook, jotting things down. He was very organized. I could...
    on Feb 23, 2009 By: Buck Showalter Source:

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