jingoistic jingoistic  /dʒɪŋ ɡoʊ ˈɪ stɪk/


  • (adj) fanatically patriotic


  1. Turkey is awash in fervent nationalism newspapers are emblazoned with military heroics and jingoistic slogans.
  2. The criticism of Japan turned into a self-fulfilling prophesy as Takeshima Day 2006 took on a more jingoistic, anti-Korean tone due to Korea's anti-Japan response the previous year.
  3. Cindy Sheehan effectively moved this nation from jingoistic magnetic ribbons to authentic activism.


  • Regular Guys at Iwo Jima

    “Sands of Iwo Jima” is too formulaic and jingoistic to be considered great, but maybe it’s just right for Fourth of July week.
    on June 28, 2013     Source: New York Times


  1. "It also dwells on how the community looks at the world and America as well. But it is not a jingoistic America bashing film. It shows both sides of the coin," John said in an interview.
    on Jun 17, 2009 By: John Abraham Source: Indian Express

  2. Comedian Russell Brand said: "We have to win. We have no choice but victory - victory at all costs. Let's get Churchillian, let's get jingoistic, let's invest our entire national psyche into these 11 men, who just 10 years ago were children."
    on Jun 26, 2010 By: Russell Brand Source: Mirror.co.uk

  3. UK Music chief Feargal Sharkey told reporters: "It may sound a bit jingoistic of me - and frankly I don't care if it does - but the music thing is something we are really bloody good at. We are phenomenally good at it and we think we can go out...
    on Mar 29, 2010 By: Feargal Sharkey Source: CMU News-Blog (blog)

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