jingling jingling


  • (adj) having a series of high-pitched ringing sounds like many small bells


  1. Whenever the Master Chief fires his weapon --he tends to do that a lot--his gun ejects a shiny, jingling shell casing.
  2. With money jingling in their pockets, they swarmed up to the counters; they said wrap it up before they asked the price.
  3. Can't hear anything else, at this tick of the clock except brassy, trashy, junk-jingling, stage-stomping Madonna, who has been world famous for almost two months.


  • Salmon Toss opens Soldotna's new disc course

    The Tsalteshi Trail system was alive Saturday with the sound of jingling chains and buzzing mosquitoes. The chain sounds were new disc golf baskets stopping putts. Nothing stopped the mosquitoes.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Peninsula Clarion


  1. "Remember, this isn't a nice, eco-friendly hybrid they're jingling goofily about. It isn't ice cream or circuses or Day-Glo condoms," Garfield wrote in his column last week. "It's the freakin' cable company, which - after all the singing is...
    on Mar 14, 2009 By: Bob Garfield Source: Multichannel News

  2. "When we went to the mound, he said he felt like there was something jingling around in there," Tracy said of Jackson.
    on Jul 3, 2004 By: Jim Tracy Source: MLB.com

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