jesting jesting


  • (adj) characterized by jokes and good humor



  1. It is a variation on the traditional Persian theme of a Sufi master sitting on a rock, jesting with his loving disciples.
  2. There were some fears that it might have ad-libbed its usefulness, that jesting at patriotism might not go down in wartime.
  3. It is difficult to smile with an aching heartit is ill jesting when our deepest sympathies are awakened.


  • Hands-on with Apple's new iPhone cases

    The iPhone 5s and 5c announcements were the big stories at today's Apple event, but let's not lose sight of the things that really matter -- like the iPhone's accompanying cases, of course. Jesting aside, both smartphones received a full lineup of colorful cases that not only add a degree of protection to the phones but also throw in another element of personalization that's become so prevalent ...
    on September 11, 2013     Source: Engadget


  1. Lineker said: "We've got vital games at both ends of the table. It's all too serious now for any court jesting."
    on Apr 24, 2008 By: Gary Lineker Source: The Sun

  2. "It was a jesting reference and I probably should never have quoted it," Gibson said. "I'm literally puzzled as to what they were doing. It is certainly worth traveling there. There are certainly problems to explore and issues to do. But I...
    on Jun 1, 2006 By: Charles Gibson Source: FOXNews

  3. "On my to-do list, when I signed for the club, I would say (playing AC Milan) was quite high up there," said James, who is in his third season at Fratton Park. "I'm jesting. When I signed for the club obviously the first thing was to avoid...
    on Nov 26, 2008 By: David James Source: International Herald Tribune

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