jellylike jellylike


  • (adj) thick like gelatin



  1. Warm, generous, jellylike people are repugnant to cold, precise Chancellor Chamberlain.
  2. Having settled on the jellylike nutriment intended for the cultivation of a type of bacteria called staphylococci, the fungus had grown into a flourishing mass.
  3. The abundant Caribbean form, physalia, is rarely more than eight inches across its mauve, iridescent, jellylike body, but it has scores of tentacles up to 50 ft.


  • Sylvia Rector's Great Plates: Bone marrow at Bistro 82

    Marrow is the softer inner core of bone that becomes very rich and almost jellylike when roasted. To eat it, scoop up the marrow with a small spoon or knife and spread it on toasted bread. One excellent place to try it is the stylish new Bistro 82 in Royal Oak.
    on April 8, 2014     Source: Detroit Free Press


  • But "certain jellylike textures and fermented sauces intrinsic to Japanese cuisine won't feature, as they simply wouldn't appeal to the Western palate," Robuchon adds.
    on Dec 31, 2008 By: Joel Robuchon Source: TIME

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