islamize islamize


  1. (v) cause to conform to Islamic law
  2. (v) convert to Islam



  1. "We have worked harder than any party in Turkey's history to make Turkey a member of the EU," Gul told Newsweek magazine in the May 14 issue. "Why would we do this if we are trying to Islamize Turkey?"
    on May 6, 2007 By: Abdullah Gul Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. On the other hand, Jan Marinus Wiersma, a member of the Socialist Group, said that "the fears that Gul would embark on a program to Islamize Turkey are exaggerated", and added, "however, we do expect Mr. Gul to continue to ensure the secular...
    on Aug 28, 2007 By: Jan Marinus Wiersma Source: Turkish Press

  3. "One cannot deny the attempts to Islamize in the West. The danger this involves to the identity of Europe ought not to be ignored out of misjudged considerateness. The Catholic side sees this very clearly and is saying so. The Regensburg speech was...
    on Jul 27, 2007 By: Georg Ganswein Source:

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