irremediable irremediable  /ˌɪ rɪ ˈmi di ə bəl/


  • (adj) impossible to remedy or correct or redress


  1. Charley's irremediable error had been one of timing.
  2. The post-bubble, post-crash dislocation and pain will be irremediable for many people.
  3. No sum of money can ever compensate a child for having been born without arms, without legs, or with invisible and irremediable defects in his heart.


  • Episode Review: Vince Gilligan masters tense 'Rabid Dog'

    It’s been four days since “Rabid Dog.” Four days since Jesse Pinkman finally wises up. Four days since “I never should have let my dojo membership run out.” And at long, irremediable last, the supporting cast begins to stoop to Walt’s level. No one, not even Hank, can help but classify Jesse as another throw-away casualty, easily disposable if it means getting the skinny on Walt. read more
    on September 5, 2013     Source: The Michigan Daily


  1. As HL Mencken explained back in 1940, the politicians "will all promise every man, woman and child in the country whatever he, she or it wants. They'll all be roving the land looking for chances to make the rich poor, to remedy the irremediable, to...
    on Sep 12, 2008 By: HL Mencken Source: Lew Rockwell

  2. "All international humanitarian action is subject to some irremediable constraints," famine specialist Alex de Waal writes.
    on Sep 22, 2006 By: Alex de Waal Source: Asia Times Online

  3. But the government have so far been slow to respond to such calls and Lim said this snail-paced response poses a "a serious and irremediable setback for the 1Malaysia slogan and policy of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak."
    on Jan 21, 2010 By: Lim Kit Siang Source: The Malaysian Insider

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