irreligion irreligion


  • (n) the quality of not being devout


  1. Some criticize his failure to think and act in terms of the church or to generate ideas that would help to counteract modern irreligion and immorality.
  2. He was an avowed deist who wrote The Age of Reason to combat French irreligion.
  3. Religion is not something one wins by voting against irreligion.


  • Harvard University's humanist chaplain founds a church for the churchless

    Greg Epstein, the Harvard humanist chaplain who has made his name arguing that millions of people are "good without God,'' is starting a network of groups that give atheists the fellowship and ceremony of religion without requiring any belief in the transcendent. Call it organized irreligion. Instead of hymns and collection plates, there are environmentally friendly service projects; instead of ...
    on August 12, 2013     Source:

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  1. "In fact the Pope's long speech was more about the weaknesses of the Western world, its irreligion and disdain for religion and he explicitly rejected linking religion and violence," Dr Pell said.
    on Sep 18, 2006 By: Cardinal George Pell Source: Advertiser Adelaide

  2. The majority's opinion in the case "makes a mockery of the constitutional ideal that government must remain neutral between religion and irreligion," Stevens wrote.
    on Jun 27, 2005 By: John Paul Stevens Source: BP News

  3. Writing in dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia denounced the "demonstrably false principle that the government cannot favor religion over irreligion. Our national tradition has resolved that conflict in favor of the majority."
    on Jul 22, 2007 By: Antonin Scalia Source: USA Today

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