intrepidly intrepidly  /ɪn ˈtrɛ pəd li/


  • (adv) without fear



  1. It tells of two vaudeville strollers who buy a small town hotel and mingle intrepidly with the lives of the peasants.
  2. The paramours are intrepidly bourgeois, their longing for each other so squalidly selfish and narcissistic that every time they paw each other they seem to be polishing a mirror.
  3. Slowly, intrepidly, they sought to marshal the sort of massive force that does not make a fuss but simply thwarts, delays and transforms.


  • Bernice King opposes Brothers to ‘Protect the Legacy’

    (Special to the NNPA from the Atlanta Daily World) – Intrepidly stepping into her father’s role and speaking on his behalf, Bernice King says “my bible and my medal are never to be sold not to an institution or even a person.”
    on February 18, 2014     Source: Louisiana Weekly

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