intransigence intransigence  /ɪn ˈtræn sə dʒəns/


  • (n) the trait of being intransigent; stubbornly refusing to compromise


  1. Government inefficiency, corruption and the intransigence of local populations has left the city knee-deep in trash.
  2. Somewhere inside all this intransigence there has to be a prayer for peace.
  3. Russian President Vladimir Putin will use it to defend atrocities in Chechnya, Israel to defend its intransigence and Malaysia its detentions without trial.


  1. Mike Conner: Sending a little 'shared adversity' to South Florida Water Management District, Army Corps of Engineers

    Here's how to handle water managers intransigence on the issue of Lake Okeechobee pollution
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Stuart News

  2. Suit over Soho Citi Bike site

    Opponents of a Citi Bike station that was dumped in a popular Soho park will file a lawsuit today asking a judge to remove it.“Why did it have to come to this?” asked Sean Sweeney, of the Soho Alliance. “It’s the intransigence of an arrogant DOT commissioner who...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: New York Post


  1. "We are now working with our partners in the United Nations on new Security Council sanctions that will show Iran's leaders that there are real consequences for their intransigence," Clinton said in a speech at the American Israel Public Affairs...
    on Mar 22, 2010 By: Hillary Rodham Clinton Source:

  2. "We are grateful to our brothers and sisters in SAG for their continued solidarity and support," WGA West president Patric Verrone said in a statement. "The entire awards show season is being put in jeopardy by the intransigence of a few big...
    on Jan 4, 2008 By: Patric Verrone Source: E! Online

  3. Tsvangirai says he once thought that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's party was willing to compromise but that "their intransigence to date is making that appear increasingly unlikely."
    on Nov 26, 2008 By: Morgan Tsvangirai Source: Contra Costa Times

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