interrelated interrelated  /ˌɪn tər rɪ ˈleɪ tɪd/


  • (adj) reciprocally connected


  1. Getting help to Gaza poses a series of interrelated political challenges.
  2. From the beginning, the new state was built on four interrelated means of control: centralized and absolute authority, bureaucracy, terror and militarism.
  3. It is not necessary to share this apocalyptic decline-and-fall theory to recognize many interrelated dangers to both society and family.



  1. "It seemed like a natural progression following `Flags of Our Fathers' that they might as well come out closer together. It just seemed like the thing to do. The pictures were interrelated in a certain way," Eastwood told The Associated Press....
    on Dec 19, 2006 By: Clint Eastwood Source: Washington Post

  2. "These great challenges are interrelated - the global economy, climate change and development," Mr. Ban said. "We need solutions to each that are solutions to all."
    on Nov 16, 2008 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: (press release)

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