insurmountable insurmountable  /ˌɪn sər ˈmaʊn tə bəl/


  1. (adj) not capable of being surmounted or overcome
  2. (adj) impossible to surmount



  1. None of these excuses is insurmountable.
  2. None of these excuses is insurmountable.
  3. In doing so, they helped science overcome what had been seen as an insurmountable obstacle.


  1. Mojito King Rising: Get Ready for Washington Art Association's Summer Solstice Party June 22

    A man doesn’t just get the illustrious title of Mojito King for nothing. It takes a proven sense of cunning, tenacity and all around ingenuity when faced with what others would call the most insurmountable of obstacles.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Litchfield County Times

  2. Royal Gorge Bridge closure will leave a chasm for Cañon City tourism

    The closure of the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park this week due to extensive fire damage is expected to take a heavy, but not insurmountable, toll on tourism in the region.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Denver Post

  3. Heat vs Spurs NBA Finals Game 4: Live Score, Highlights and Analysis

    If LeBron James and the Miami Heat are going to avoid a practically insurmountable 3-1 deficit, they'll have to make major changes for game Game 4 of the NBA Finals, tonight in San Antonio Heading into Game 4, James and the Heat look more vulnerable than they have at any point this season. The Spurs torched the defending champs on both ends of the floor in Game 3, surging to a 113-77 victory ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. "We still have an insurmountable lead," Obama said.
    on Feb 29, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: Seattle Times

  2. "I'd remind the kids that no matter where they are in life - (maybe) in circumstances that probably aren't ideal - that there is no circumstance that they're in that is insurmountable or would necessitate them just giving up," Palin said.
    on Nov 12, 2007 By: Sarah Palin Source: Juneau Empire (registration)

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