insuperable insuperable


  1. (adj) impossible to surmount
  2. (adj) incapable of being surmounted or excelled



  1. Even if the fuel is something exotic like antimatter, carrying far more energy than sunlight or uranium, the problem of cooling the engine remains insuperable.
  2. It also turns out to be the insuperable problem A Mighty Heart cannot solve.
  3. The issues that separate us are not insuperable.


  • Disability, Service, and Stewardship

    There’s a dangerous tendency in America today to view disabilities of various kinds as insuperable barriers to productive and loving service.
    on August 7, 2013     Source: Acton Commentary


  1. "At the moment, facing a well-funded, powerful incumbent without party support, the odds against Cindy appear insuperable," said Ellsberg, who was arrested twice with other protesters outside Bush's Texas ranch.
    on Aug 9, 2007 By: Daniel Ellsberg Source: USA Today

  2. "No other country comes close to providing voters with such a small number of choices and making third party candidates hurdle an almost insuperable number of obstacles just to get on the ballot," said Nader, the Green Party's 2000 presidential...
    on Jul 14, 2007 By: Ralph Nader Source: FOXNews

  3. Of the hunt to find a permanent top-flight football club for the stadium, Johnson said: "In the end there were insuperable obstacles to do that. With the shape of the stadium it would have cost far more to have created a stadium suitable for...
    on Feb 10, 2009 By: Boris Johnson Source:

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