inexhaustibly inexhaustibly


  • (adv) with indefatigable energy



  1. Most people have shed the fantasy that the sea can inexhaustibly provide food, dilute endless pollution and accept unlimited trash.
  2. Subtle, urbane and inexhaustibly energetic, they straddle the question of the South's inevitable industrialization, preach a Southern culture modeled on pre-Civil War agrarianism.
  3. From 1945 through 1959, however, Godfrey seemed inexhaustibly appealing in a medium that overexposes performers almost overnight.



  • "Building up this economy with thousands of green jobs is an investment in inexhaustibly renewable resources - human intellect, ingenuity and America's capacity for working hard to get the job done," said Inslee. "We must adopt an economic...
    on Feb 3, 2009 By: Jay Inslee Source: MarketWatch (press release)

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