indistinctly indistinctly


  • (adv) in a dim indistinct manner


  1. The quote is accurate, but the category emerges indistinctly.
  2. The fallen city showed indistinctly through a veil of bluish smoke.
  3. In the Kentucky Legislature a bill was introduced to forbid tobacco auctioneers from chanting indistinctly.


  • J&J Petitions FDA To Regulate Naming Of Biosimilars

    Johnson & Johnson addressed the FDA with a petition requesting that the U.S. administration regulate the labeling of biosimilars; specifically those that bear names reminiscent of their reference product but are not indistinctly the same. According to the petition, Johnson & Johnson states that distinguished versions of the names are necessary to ensure patient safety and maintain proper ...
    on January 14, 2014     Source: BioresearchOnline

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