indiscreetly indiscreetly


  • (adv) without discretion or wisdom or self-restraint


  1. A well-known womanizer, Stanford has been caught on giant video screens at cricket matches flirting indiscreetly with players' wives and girlfriends.
  2. An apothecary gossiped indiscreetly and was shot dead.
  3. This discrepancy could not be ignored, and Republican news organs therefore poked much fun at the indiscreetly Latin conclusion of the Mexican President's letter to Senator Borah.



  • In his 30,000 word memoirs, Blunt tells how, initially at least, he was not impressed because "he (Burgess) began immediately to talk very indiscreetly about the private lives of people who were quite unknown to me".
    on Jul 22, 2009 By: Anthony Blunt Source:

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