indecisive indecisive  /ˌɪn dɪ ˈsaɪ sɪv/


  1. (adj) characterized by lack of decision and firmness
  2. (adj) not definitely settling something
  3. (adj) not clearly defined



  1. This month a couple who are indecisive about their sexual preferences will be introduced.
  2. With no clear direction on whether to raze or rebuild, the 300,000 residents who fled the region are frustrated--and increasingly indecisive--about returning.
  3. Just four weeks ago, on the heels of a failed presentation of the Administration's plan to help shore up banks, he was considered indecisive and incompetent.


  • Leo Daily Horoscope for June 09, 2013

    You're somewhat indecisive today -- but for all the right reasons! You may find that you've got more info than you need, or that all your options seem equally terrific. Make up your mind tomorrow. More horoscopes! Check your Daily Single's LoveScopes , Daily Couple's LoveScopes , Daily CareerScopes , Weekly RomanticScopes , Monthly FitnessScopes , more ... Today's Free Sample Reading: The Year ...
    on June 9, 2013     Source:


  1. "I was a little indecisive at the end there," said Blake, who was 0-9 in five-setters until finally winning one in the second round last week. "Did come down to one or two points there. It's frustrating I didn't win them this time."
    on Sep 3, 2007 By: James Blake Source: USA Today

  2. "A little bit indecisive, not aggressive enough finishing," Gasol said of his offensive performance. "I didn't finish strong enough. I was just kind of floating a few shots and they weren't going in."
    on Apr 30, 2004 By: Pau Gasol Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  3. "In Game 1 and 2, I was hesitant, a bit indecisive," said Pierce. "But I'm getting comfortable with what they're trying to do with me as far as trapping and when I get in the lane. Tonight, I tried to go a little bit faster when I got the...
    on Apr 23, 2009 By: Paul Pierce Source: ESPN

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