inconveniently inconveniently


  • (adv) in an inconvenient manner


  1. Twelve years of Sunday school--held inexplicably and inconveniently on Saturdays--did not help clarify all the mysteries of the missal.
  2. They find the perfect apartment, she surrenders her precious Manhattan lease--then inexplicably, not to mention inconveniently, Ray dumps her.
  3. Because inconveniently, Obama did not dwell on the historic nature of his presidency.


  • Justin Davidson on the Twin Legacies of Le Corbusier

    The most chilling image in MoMA’s essential and long overdue Le Corbusier show is an aerial view of Paris from 1937, with all of the ­inconveniently tangled bits ­between the monuments neatly whited out. To leave room for the Louvre and Notre-Dame to breathe, the most influential urban planner of ... More »
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Vulture


  • "I inconveniently believe in letting an audience find a movie," Lumet said. "When you say that to most studios, they say 'Good luck, Charlie. See you around,' but Mark understands the importance of starting small and building it smartly."
    on Jul 12, 2007 By: Sidney Lumet Source: Reuters

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