in darkness in darkness


  • (adv) without light


  1. As the film fades she recognizes in the ragged helpless vagrant the wealthy prince she dreamed about in darkness.
  2. He raised the edifice of the American Century by restoring a nation's promise of plenty and by intervening to save a world enveloped in darkness.
  3. Solemn indeed to hear Taps played in darkness broken by a dancing eternal flame.


  • Why You Want The World's Most Mysterious Scotch

    In order to taste the most mysterious bottle of Scotch I have ever touched, I'm told I must first be immersed in darkness. And so I find myself holding onto the shoulders of a well-dressed gentleman with night-vision goggles as he leads me into a pitch-black basement hidden in Manhattan's West Village.
    on June 30, 2013     Source: Forbes

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