imprecision imprecision


  • (n) the quality of lacking precision


  1. But that was a statistical fluke, reflecting the imprecision of the Government's methods in measuring the number of students entering the job market for the summer.
  2. He loves the facts, detests disarray and imprecision, and spends his working hours trying to define life within a framework of the law.
  3. It rests, to start with, on an inflammatory imprecision, the polemics of overkill.


  • A guide to chicken and waffles in Central Arkansas

    The best Little Rock has to offer. by Will Stephenson Brunch is a vague and indefinite practice, suspended restlessly between two more traditionally established mealtimes, and what dish better reflects this ambiguity than chicken and waffles? Sweet and savory, neither entirely breakfast nor lunch, the meal marks an almost psychedelic blurring of food categories, an imprecision that extends to ...
    on March 6, 2014     Source: Arkansas Times

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