impersonator impersonator  /ɪm ˈpɜr sə neɪ tər/


  • (n) someone who (fraudulently) assumes the appearance of another


  1. Obama impersonator Gerardo Puisseaux Then again, even Barack Obama does a lousy impression of himself.
  2. The unlikely Obama impersonator has become a star in his own right, despite not knowing who Obama was 10 months ago.
  3. Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday means brisk business for Lincoln impersonators like Fritz Klein.


  1. Mid-South man arrested for impersonating a police officer

    An alleged police impersonator sits behind bars after he went to great lengths to make one woman believe he was a cop, according to police.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: WMCTV Memphis

  2. Lakeland man charged in murder of Tampa female impersonator

    Female impersonator Anthony Lee was murdered last month.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: WTSP-TV Tampa

  3. Impersonator Mistaken for Neil Diamond at Princeton Reunion

    The celebrity impersonator sparked rumors on social media this weekend that Neil Diamond was performing in Princeton. Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Princeton Class of 2004
    on June 6, 2013     Source: NBC Philadelphia

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  1. "I've got a huge background over the last 22 years," Capper told the Nine Network. "If Ron can do it, and an Elvis impersonator, why can't I? A lot of people like me and respect me for what I did with the Swans, and a lot of kids like me."
    on Jul 15, 2007 By: Warwick Capper Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

  2. "I think voters should be aware of this song, `It's Now or Never.' I want them to put me in now, and they'll never regret it," Baxter said during an interview this week. "In terms of electing an Elvis impersonator into the House of Commons, I...
    on Oct 11, 2008 By: Dorian Baxter Source: Edmonton Sun

  3. "We tend to think of subversive youth culture as being indicative of trangressiveness and all that is edgy," Davis said. "Yet 100 years ago, the circus was a place where gays and lesbians found work. The whole idea of the female impersonator...
    on Nov 30, 2007 By: Janet Davis Source: San Jose Mercury News

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