imperially imperially


  • (adv) in an imperial manner


  1. It's not clear whether the second Bush Administration will be less imperially minded.
  2. She helped him to spend thousands of guineas royally, imperially, wildly; and she helped him to pinch pennies, convincing His Majesty that in housekeeping she is most economical.
  3. At 18 the heiress to the throne came of age, imperially, ready to assume the Crown if her father died.


  • Reader Mail: Alberto Carvalho "Is the Ultimate Political Illusionist"

    Super Struggles The super's the problem: Alberto Carvalho is a special case ("Carvalho Criticized," Chuck Strouse, March 6). He sits imperially impervious, camouflaged in a fancy suit, with neatly groomed hair, articulate, paranoid, well-scripted, self-absorbed, intelligent,...
    on March 11, 2014     Source: Miami New Times

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