immensity immensity


  • (n) unusual largeness in size or extent or number


  1. Her life and her work are testaments to the immensity of her bountiful heart.
  2. The immensity of America's agony, however, required no explanation.
  3. A blind man sits amidst the rubble, unseeing of the immensity of the destruction all around.


  • Today’s Scuttlebot: Visualizing Web Activity and Vine’s Resilience

    The New York Times's staff scours the Web for interesting and peculiar items. Friday's selections include a project that catalogs the immensity of activity that occurs on the Internet every second, and an argument for why Twitter's short video service might have lasting power.
    on August 10, 2013     Source: New York Times


  1. "The targets are so big for us that you don't feel sorry for yourself," Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said. "We have a massive game in front of us on Wednesday night and I feel the immensity of the game makes you forget your disappointment."
    on Feb 18, 2008 By: Arsene Wenger Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "Today, my thoughts are with the families of Air India victims, who must now reconcile Mr. Reyat's new-found liberty with the immensity of their own loss," Kenney said.
    on Jul 10, 2008 By: Jason Kenney Source:

  3. "It just underlines the immensity of the problems that countries like Britain and to a lesser extent ...... Australia faces. We shouldn't complacently imagine that there aren't potentially suicide bombers in this country," Mr Howard told the...
    on Jul 13, 2005 By: John Howard Source: The Age

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