ill-favored ill-favored


  • (adj) usually used of a face


  1. The city was still digesting a huge and largely ill-favored population increasepeople had flooded in to take jobs in booming wartime industry.
  2. A shot in the dusk is scarcely news at Tiranathat little, vile, ill-favored capital.
  3. Every night the bronze McKinley stands there brooding over Canton, which is as ill-favored as growing industrial towns seem fated to be.


  • New research, education alliance announced for Huron-to-Erie Corridor

    Bypassed in terms of grant dollars, overlooked by tourists in search of pristine beaches and understudied in terms of the Great Lakes as a whole, the Huron-to-Erie Corridor is the ill-favored stepchild of the most spectacular interlinked bodies of freshwater on the planet.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: The Voice

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