icecap icecap


  • (n) a mass of ice and snow that permanently covers a large area of land (e.g., the polar regions or a mountain peak)


  1. The present icecap, most geologists believe, is comparatively new.
  2. Airlift is too expensive and dangerous, and weather on the icecap is often too rough for surface transport.
  3. This frees the polar icecap from friction with underlying rock.


  • IceCap Asset Management On An Upside Down World

    Just a few weeks back, IceCap Asset Management reiterated their view that all financial markets are significantly affected by the money printing ways of our central banks. On June 19, 2013 Ben Bernanke announced that later this year the Federal Reserve would very likely begin to print less money than what they are printing today, in effect resulting in many investors refusing to catch the ...
    on July 6, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge


  1. "I remember being in the theater for Thunderball and the big underwater battle at the end of that movie just blew my socks off," Sommers said. "In GI Joe, there's an underwater battle under the polar icecap that's Thunderball times 10!"
    on Jan 23, 2009 By: Stephen Sommers Source: New York Magazine

  2. "If you don't understand what the cause is, it's virtually impossible to come up with a solution," Biden said. "We know what the cause is. The cause is man-made. That's the cause. That's why the polar icecap is melting."
    on Oct 2, 2008 By: Joe Biden Source: Reuters

  3. "Well, you know, the -- the global warming deniers persist in this air of unreality," Gore said. "After all, the entire north polar icecap, which has been there for most of the last 3 million years, is disappearing before our eyes. Forty...
    on Dec 10, 2009 By: Al Gore Source: CBS News (blog)

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