hunky-dory hunky-dory


  • (adj) being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition



  1. Just a short time ago, market watchers argued that if you were to ignore financial stocks, automakers and homebuilders, the economy actually looked hunky-dory.
  2. That policy obviously would be to even up the bad with the good, to emphasize the hunky-dory.
  3. Continental is in the process of changing right now, but not because we're telling the world it's hunky-dory.


  • Rock On, Gold Dust Woman: Listening To Music Isn't A Distraction In The Car

    Nowadays, there's plenty of stuff to distract drivers from the task at hand. Cell phones. Bluetooth headsets. Kids. But you know what's not a distraction? You know what's hunky-dory? You know what might actually boost concentration in the car? Music. That's according to Ayca Berfu Unal, an environmental and traffic psychologist in Holland. She led...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: The Car Connection


  • "The Taliban were defeated. ...... And it looked all pretty hunky-dory," Richard said of the environment at the end of 2001. "We thought it was all done ...... and didn't treat it as aggressively as ...... with the benefit of hindsight, we...
    on Oct 17, 2006 By: Sir Richard Dannatt Source: International Herald Tribune

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