humbugged humbugged


  1. (n) pretentious or silly talk or writing
  2. (n) communication (written or spoken) intended to deceive
  3. (n) something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage
  4. (v) trick or deceive


  • The sooner America knows we are not going to be humbugged the better it is.



  1. Barnum, who was received by President Lincoln and gave a command performance for Queen Victoria , stated: "Most persons, on the whole, are humbugged by believing too little, than by believing too much."
    on Apr 7, 2008 By: PT Barnum Source: Family Security Matters

  2. "No one likes being humbugged by drunks in our streets," Ms Martin said. "Anti-social behaviour is simply unacceptable."
    on May 31, 2005 By: Clare Martin Source: Advertiser Adelaide

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