human action human action


  • (n) something that people do or cause to happen



  1. The principal cause of both extinction and the slowing of evolution is the degrading and destruction of habitats by human action.
  2. The fire, believed caused by human action began Tuesday near a dam and reservoir in San Gabriel Canyon, a half-dozen miles above the city of Azusa.
  3. Proponents of market rationality make HUGE assumptions in the even distribution in human action, education, and most importantly, market knowledge.


  • Spendthrift elite signals equity slide, behavioral experts warn

    By Atul Prakash LONDON (Reuters) - Record prices at art auctions in recent weeks and oversubscribed holidays by private jet are among signals that a stock market slump is approaching, if followers of behavioral finance are to be believed. They insist social mood governs human action, including investment on stock markets, and their theories are gaining ground as tools for financial analysis. ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News

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