hove hove  /ˈhoʊv/


  1. (n) an upward movement (especially a rhythmical rising and falling)
  2. (n) (geology) a horizontal dislocation
  3. (n) the act of lifting something with great effort
  4. (n) an involuntary spasm of ineffectual vomiting
  5. (n) the act of raising something
  6. (n) throwing something heavy (with great effort)
  7. (v) utter a sound, as with obvious effort
  8. (v) throw with great effort
  9. (v) rise and move, as in waves or billows
  10. (v) lift or elevate
  11. (v) move or cause to move in a specified way, direction, or position
  12. (v) breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted
  13. (v) bend out of shape, as under pressure or from heat
  14. (v) make an unsuccessful effort to vomit; strain to vomit


Derived Word(s)


  1. One summer night Rita Ratchen was driving down Ohio Route 12 when an image of Jesus hove into view on the side of a soybean-oil storage tank.
  2. The last to report their boat was a fisherman who said he saw them hove to about 10 at night with a larger craft alongside.
  3. Few new releases could possiblv hove a narrower appeal than Mozart's small squib about the tribulations of a Rudolph Bing of the 18th century.


  • Scott Hove's luscious cake sculptures have teeth — and jaws

    As the sham delicacies grow more ornate, Hove's intentions become more complex by Lissa Brennan A sidelong glance at the work of San Francisco-based artist Scott Hove might make your mouth water. Swirls and roses of pastel buttercream top what appear to be creations better suited to a bakery than a gallery.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Pittsburgh City Paper

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  1. Moxon added: "If you look at the statistics, Imran's first-class record is pretty outstanding and with Mark Lawson not available, and with the match at Hove looming large on the horizon, we felt we needed strengthening in the spin bowling department...
    on Aug 21, 2007 By: Martyn Moxon Source: Mid Sussex Today

  2. Adams said: "Having worked at the club previously, which was a fantastic and rewarding experience, to get the chance to manage a super football club like Brighton & Hove Albion again was an opportunity I couldn't turn down. I look forward to working...
    on May 8, 2008 By: Micky Adams Source: Daily Mail

  3. "I'm looking very shortly at having some time off," Coppell, 52, told The Sun. "My first stint at Crystal Palace was nine years, bits here and there, and then Brentford, Brighton & Hove Albion, and four years here. I am probably due a break....
    on Dec 4, 2007 By: Steve Coppell Source: FansFC.com

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