hopped-up hopped-up


  1. (adj) (of an automobile) having the engine modified to give extra power
  2. (adj) under the influence of narcotics


  1. As the stoic enigma and the hopped-up smart-ass speed through the desert landscape, you could almost take Kill for a surreal road comedy.
  2. Pitt was obviously unready for the hefty, hopped-up Mountaineers.
  3. In a jam session with other sweating, hopped-up jazzmen the films most famous scene Cliff beats the skins in a masturbatory delirium.


  • Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! Speedway Racing under the lights

    Like Necco Wafers or the Senate barbershop , Speedway racing is one of those longstanding American staples with a continued existence that is both baffling and reassuring. Every Wednesday night, these guys bring their hopped-up single-cylinder motorcycles—they look more like beefed-up bicycles, really—to the short dirt oval at Industry Hills to slide around and kick up roostertails of dirt to an ...
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Jalopnik

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