hop-skip hop-skip


  • (v) jump lightly



  1. Wildly exciting to Japanese is each fresh leap by their industry in its hop-skip--skid race to overtake the West.
  2. A hardly avoidable consequence of this hop-skip-and-fly journalism was that Reporter Gunther frequently fell into glibness and superficiality.
  3. He is a dilettante of the higher depths, a kind of demi-Virgil leading the reader through a hop-skip-and-jump tour of Hell.


  • Last Time We Checked, "Hope" Still Isn't A Strategy

    Equity markets have to explaining to do, regardless of where you think they are heading.  As ConvesrgEx's Nick Colas notes, if bullish, riddle me this: are stocks just going to hop-skip-jump over Fed tapering, U.S. budget battles, a new Federal Reserve Chair, Syria, Greek bailout 3.0, German Elections, and other near term speedbumps?   Last time we checked "hope" still isn’t a strategy.  And for ...
    on September 13, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge

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