hooke hooke  /ˈhʊk/


  • (n) English scientist who formulated the law of elasticity and proposed a wave theory of light and formulated a theory of planetary motion and proposed the inverse square law of gravitational attraction and discovered the cellular structure of cork and introduced the term `cell' into biology and invented a balance spring for watches (1635-1703)


  • Early Puritan writers considered Marlowe's terrible end at the age of 29 and at the height of his fame a just punishment for his atheism, wrote "See what a hooke the Lord put in .



  1. "Robert Hooke was a colossal figure in the founding of modern science, and these documents represent an irreplaceable record of his contribution," said Lord Rees of Ludlow, President of the Royal Society.
    on Mar 28, 2006 By: Lord Rees Source: ShortNews.com

  2. "I am particularly honoured to be accepting this award and joining the former players' already inducted into the IRUPA Hooke & MacDonald Hall of Fame," said Costello on hearing the news. "This award means an awful lot to me, especially as it...
    on Apr 17, 2007 By: Victor Costello Source: Irish Times

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