homogenous homogenous  /hə ˈmɑ dʒə nəs/


  • (adj) all of the same or similar kind or nature


  1. And yet even today average heights vary among different nationalities, even among genetically homogenous populations, like the South Koreans and North Koreans.
  2. Islam is the second-largest religion in the world Shades of Green The Muslim world is far from homogenous.
  3. We may be witnessing a revolution in user-generated content, but the more mainstream the Web gets, the more it looks like the mainstream: homogenous, opportunistic and commercial.


  • How To Make a Multi-Layered Drink

    Drinks are generally one boring, homogenous color. Usually it doesn't matter because you're in a dark bar and we're drinking for the flavor (or more likely, to forget). But sometimes it's fun to shake things up. Add a little color, add a new dimension to your drink. And wouldn't you know it, the key ingredient is science. Read more...        
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Gizmodo


  • "Our data show that it's not the case that the whole California coastline is one genetically homogenous supercolony," says Ms. Gordon, a professor of biological sciences. "We find a lot of genetic diversity here, which indicates that there...
    on Apr 7, 2004 By: Deborah Gordon Source: San Jose Business Journal (subscription)

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