hominid hominid  /ˈhɑ mə nɪd/


  1. (n) a primate of the family Hominidae
  2. (adj) characterizing the family Hominidae, which includes Homo sapiens as well as extinct species of manlike creatures


  1. A detailed scientific study of the Laetoli hominid fossils confirmed that they belonged to a new hominid species, best represented by the 3.
  2. Paleoanthropologists uncover the remains of a strapping hominid The find initially seemed unimpressive.
  3. But which side of the chimp-hominid split Orrorin occupies can be determined only by further analyses and new finds.


  • The Hunt for the Prehistoric Roots of Cancer

    When you search the archives for the first known case of human cancer you come across the story of a prehistoric hominid called Kanam Man. The only remains that have been found of this relative of Homo sapiens is a petrified jawbone, and inside the curve of the tooth line is a large lump that many scientists believe to be osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone. The Kanam jaw, discovered in Kenya in ...
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Discover


  1. "The finding is the most complete hominid skeleton ever found in the world," Zeresenay Alemseged, head of the Paleoanthropological Research Team, told a news conference.
    on Sep 20, 2006 By: Zeresenay Alemseged Source: Xinhua

  2. "The discovery of 12 early hominid fossil specimens estimated to be between 3.8 and 4 million years old will be important in terms of understanding the early phases of human evolution before Lucy," Yohannes Haile Selassie told a news conference.
    on Mar 5, 2005 By: Haile Selassie Source: BBC News

  3. Saletan writes, "Imagine that: a hominid brain network you can treat like a lab animal because it is a lab animal."
    on Aug 6, 2008 By: William Saletan Source: WEBCommentary

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