homelier homelier


  1. (adj) lacking in physical beauty or proportion
  2. (adj) having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable
  3. (adj) plain and unpretentious
  4. (adj) without artificial refinement or elegance



  1. For those who could not find this spirit, or found it repellent, Americans in their homelier days posed the alternatives in plain English: Root, hog, or die.
  2. The sisters were no homelier than many women who had sewed up husbands, but their thoughts were wound around their work like thread around a spool.
  3. Behind this homely American trans formation was a homelier story of American politics.


  • The New York of his boyhood was, James wrote, "an earlier, quieter world, a New York of better manners and better morals and homelier beliefs," a place where he and his brother William could wander free.
    on Nov 27, 2005 By: Henry James Source: International Herald Tribune

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