high-fidelity high-fidelity


  • (adj) characterized by minimal distortion in sound reproduction


  1. There is a fireplace he likes to have kept burning and high-fidelity speakers on either side of the grate.
  2. Stereophony's extra clarity and depth have not had the immediate impact on the public that high-fidelity sound did, but it is a major and startling improvement in home listening.


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    Editor's Note: We've written about prototyping with people before. Check out what a Netflix advisor taught this startup about when not to build technology . When my iOS app SnipSnap was accepted to DreamIt Ventures two years ago, it was little more than a screencast and a high-fidelity prototype built on Keynote templates. Vaporwear. We were planning to build a fairly sophisticated OCR app for ...
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  1. "Apple is reinventing the home stereo with the new iPod Hi-Fi, the first iPod accessory that adds true high-fidelity sound quality to the iPod," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "iPod Hi-Fi's unrivaled acoustic performance and stunning design is...
    on Feb 28, 2006 By: Steve Jobs Source: Apple Hot News

  2. "Record companies have alienated customers and the artists," Burnett told the Los Angeles Times. "This is completely an artist-driven initiative. Our aim is to democratize high-fidelity."
    on Aug 30, 2008 By: T Bone Burnett Source: Wired News

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