hemochromatosis hemochromatosis


  • (n) pathology in which iron accumulates in the tissues; characterized by bronzed skin and enlarged liver and diabetes mellitus and abnormalities of the pancreas and the joints


  1. It is an iron storage disorder called hemochromatosis, and it causes its victims, mostly male, to absorb too much iron.
  2. Physicians found that he had hemochromatosisa rare condition caused by excessive iron absorption through the intestines into the blood.


  • Robert Lloyd Webb

    PHIPPSBURG — Robert Lloyd Webb died peacefully at home on Dec. 25, 2013, from complications of hereditary hemochromatosis. Born in Santa Monica, Calif., in 1947 to Effie Margaret Young and James Milton Webb, Bob grew up in Culver City, Calif. read more
    on January 9, 2014     Source: The Times Record


  • "The only pelleted diet on the market today meeting that requirement is the Mazuri Low Iron Diet sold by Purina Mills," Jennings said. "It has virtually eliminated the problem of hemochromatosis."
    on Apr 27, 2005 By: Jerry Jennings Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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