helpfulness helpfulness


  1. (n) the property of providing useful assistance
  2. (n) friendliness evidence by a kindly and helpful disposition


  1. Their helpfulness was rudely repaid.
  2. His mature years, were a history of helpfulness.
  3. In school she was recognized as a do-gooder and received seldom-awarded prizes for helpfulness.


  • Two women honored for Strawberry Days

    Pleasant Grove's annual Strawberry Days celebration will have two grand marshals this year, chosen for their helpfulness and support to the community. Anne Fisher and Jeniel Fugal will serve i…
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Provo Daily Herald


  1. "This is only one exercise. The administration has -- from every agency to every department to the White House staff -- has been unprecedented in its cooperation and helpfulness in making sure this is smooth because we all, in the end of the day,...
    on Jan 13, 2009 By: Rahm Emanuel Source: AFP

  2. "Iran can continue down this dangerous path of helpfulness, or it can resume its role as an international pariah," Bush said. "The choice is clear."
    on Jan 30, 2007 By: President Bush Source: Newsweek

  3. Mr Carmichael said: "The difference between Westminster and the northern Isles couldn't be more pronounced. We have got a very strong community spirit, where there's a culture of trust and helpfulness, even when it involves relative strangers. When...
    on Nov 21, 2008 By: Alistair Carmichael Source: BBC News

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