heavier heavier  /ˈhɛ vi ər/


  1. (n) an actor who plays villainous roles
  2. (n) a serious (or tragic) role in a play
  3. (adj) of comparatively great physical weight or density
  4. (adj) unusually great in degree or quantity or number
  5. (adj) of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment
  6. (adj) marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness
  7. (adj) usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it
  8. (adj) (used of soil) compact and fine-grained
  9. (adj) darkened by clouds
  10. (adj) of great intensity or power or force
  11. (adj) (physics, chemistry) being or containing an isotope with greater than average atomic mass or weight
  12. (adj) (of an actor or role) being or playing the villain
  13. (adj) permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter
  14. (adj) of relatively large extent and density
  15. (adj) made of fabric having considerable thickness
  16. (adj) prodigious
  17. (adj) full and loud and deep
  18. (adj) given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors
  19. (adj) of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought
  20. (adj) slow and laborious because of weight
  21. (adj) large and powerful; especially designed for heavy loads or rough work
  22. (adj) dense or inadequately leavened and hence likely to cause distress in the alimentary canal
  23. (adj) sharply inclined
  24. (adj) full of; bearing great weight
  25. (adj) requiring or showing effort
  26. (adj) characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort
  27. (adj) lacking lightness or liveliness
  28. (adj) (of sleep) deep and complete
  29. (adj) in an advanced stage of pregnancy
  30. (adv) slowly as if burdened by much weight



  1. Thanks to too much food and too little sweat, Americans are heavier than ever.
  2. Near the beginning of time, the universe almost certainly contained many elements heavier than uranium, the heaviest element that exists naturally on earth.
  3. And, as vehicles got bigger and heavier, buyers sought out even bigger vehicles to make themselves feel safe.


  1. Titans bulk up line to help defense get stingier

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tired of being pushed around and run over last season, the Tennessee Titans want to make sure that doesn't happen in 2013. So they got bigger up front. And wider. The Titans had only one starter on the defensive line who pushed the scale to 300 pounds last season, so they brought in three veterans — all 310 or heavier. Tackle Sammie Hill really was their biggest signing at 6 ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Boston Herald

  2. Huawei's Ascend P6 smartphone has 5-megapixel front camera to watch you with

    Huawei Technologies' much-leaked Ascend P6 smartphone is the world's thinnest at 6.18 millimeters, and has the highest-resolution front-facing camera at 5 megapixels, the company claimed at the phone's London launch. In comparison, Apple's iPhone 5 measures 7.6mm and has a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera. The phones have similar 8 megapixel rear cameras, however, and the P6 is a shade heavier ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: PC World

  3. Heavier Pregnant Women Tend to Deliver Prematurely

    Title: Heavier Pregnant Women Tend to Deliver Prematurely Category: Health News Created: 6/11/2013 4:36:00 PM Last Editorial Review: 6/12/2013 12:00:00 AM
    on June 13, 2013     Source: MedicineNet.com


  1. "People are saying stuff about me looking slower or heavier or whatever but to be honest that's rubbish," Richards told City Magazine. "If anything I have lost weight and have less body fat than I did last year. We are constantly monitored in...
    on Jan 6, 2009 By: Micah Richards Source: ESPN

  2. "Mayorga is a tough fighter, he took some good shots," Mosley said. "But I wore him down. He was a lot heavier than me. He put on at least 10 pounds. I caught him with the side of my right hand and an uppercut, so I knew I hurt him and he got...
    on Sep 28, 2008 By: Shane Mosley Source: Setanta Sports

  3. "I can say Tiger's trophy is a lot heavier than Jack's," Choi said.
    on Jul 8, 2007 By: KJ Choi Source: Independent Online

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