haziest haziest


  1. (adj) filled or abounding with fog or mist
  2. (adj) indistinct or hazy in outline



  1. The blank space beyond the South Pole was still the haziest, most mysterious area on anyone's map.
  2. The trauma of repeated abandonment has left the child with sad, grownup eyes and only the haziest memories of her father.
  3. The sleuths had only the haziest idea of what kind of person they were looking for.


  • Ketcham describes little Margaret with shocking candor as "threatening, bossy, superior, always pursuing, the incipient castrator. Some of us marry her, some escape, and others are rescued. Here we see the problem in its haziest beginnings."
    on Oct 9, 2005 By: Hank Ketcham Source: Seattle Times

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